Tuesday, May 1, 2012


More than 5000 churches of African origin are operational both in Africa and around the world. Though Christianity entered Africa through Europe, some African developed some churches by integrated African ingredients and as well correcting some of the things that are not viewed as normal. There is also the existence of selfish interest by some founders of some of these churches.

The earliest of them was the one that pulled out from the Wesleyan Mission in Freetown by the Settlers in 1819. In 1862, some Fante became divided from the Wesleyan Methodist Mission and formed the Methodist Society.

In Nigeria in 1888 the Native Baptist Church became divided from the American Southern Baptist Mission. In 1891 still in Nigeria the United African Church divided from the Anglican Church.

In Zambia in 1908 the Church of the Watch Tower was founded in what was then called Northern Rhodesia. In Uganda in 1914, many Ganda members of the Church Missionary Society founded the Society of the One Almighty God. This church at present has so many members.

In Kenya in 1914, Johana Owalo left the Church Mission Society and founded the Nomiya Luo Mission. The Army of the Cross was founded in 1922 in Ghana. In 1925 the Eternal Sacred Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim was founded in Nigeria. By 1930 in Nigeria as well the Church of the Lord (Aladura) was founded. In 1931 in Nigeria the Christ Apostolic Church was founded. In 1952 Sierra Leone witnessed the foundation of the God is our Light Church among the Koro people.

In 1953 the Church of the Holy Spirit was founded in Tanzania. In 1954, the Prophetess Alice Lenshina founded the Lumba(itinerating) Church in Zambia. In 1957, the Church of Christ in Africa was founded in Kenya. By the 1963, the Roman Catholic Church in Kenya encountered a serious problem that led to the establishment of the Legion of Mary Church.

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